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Warning - Language & Content
Multilingual Swearing Category

Multilingual Swearing

This list is the key to truly communicating your feelings to others, regardless of who it is! Thanks goes to Richard Sun for compiling this great list that we're sure you will find useful at some point in your life. Look on the left column to see how to pronounce the definition in the right column of that language. Of course this is only intended as a humorous guide and is not intended for learning other languages.

English Phonemic Translation Definition
Poes / Doos Pussy
Fok jou Fuck You
Jy pis my af You're pissing me off
Hoer Whore
Slet Slut
Kak Shit
Poephol Asshole
Dom Doos Dump Pussy
Gaan fok jouself Go fuck yourself


English Phonemic Translation Definition
Aboosh Stupid
Dmbo, Khmbo Idiot
Myruht kooneh Fuck your mother
Peranuht shoonuh kukneh The dog should shit in your mouth
Esh Donkey
Buhlo (BUL-lo) Dick
Kuk oudelic shoon Shit eating dog
Juge / jugik Penis
Vorig / vor Ass
Eem voriga bacheek doer Kiss my ass
Toon vor es You are an ass
Toon esh es You are a jackass
Metz Dzi-zik Big Breasts
Metz Jugik Big penis


English Phonemic Translation Definition
Koos Cunt
nikomak Fuck your mother
sharmuta Whore
zarba Shit
kis Vagina
zib Penis
Elif air ab tizak! A thousand dicks in your ass!
kisich Pussy
kelbeh Bitch
Muti Jackass
Kanith Fucker
Kwanii Faggot


English Phonemic Translation Definition
Gus Ass
Coochka Bitch
Luyno Shit
Luyno Guava Shit Head
Peeshka Guava Penis Head


English Phonemic Translation Definition
Poq Gai Go Die in the Street (General Purpose Swearword)
D'iu ne lo mo Fuck your mom
sAY Baht Poh Bitch
tiu nia ma chow hai Fuck your mom's smelly cunt
sek si Eat Shit
hum kah chan Death to your Family!
lok chat Dick
hamsap Horny Person
chow fah hai Smelly Cheap Cunt
gai Whore
yat-zeu Go To Hell
see-feut Asshole
lay-lomo You mother
di-une-lomo Mother fucker
doolay Fuck you
jew-dow Big cock
da-boon-jao Stupid pig
yak-too Suck cock


English Phonemic Translation Definition
lul Dick
kut Cunt
kak, stront Shit
hoer Hooker
eikel Dickhead


English Phonemic Translation Definition
merde shit
manges la merde eat shit
tu me fais chier you're pissing me off
vas faire foutre a la cache go fuck a cow
encule fuck you
salope, ordure, conasse, poofias bitch
va te faire voir go to hell
vas te faire foutre go get fucked
vas te faire encule fuck you
fils de pute son of a bitch
tu m'emmerdes! Fuck yourself!
le con, la conasse, la chatte Cunt
baiser To fuck
ce sont des conneries That's a load of shit
leche moi et saire me renier lick me and make me cum
putain, pute whore
cul ass
bite cock
paure con asshole
c'est rien que de la merde Its just a bunch of shit
maudite vache asshole / bitch
va chier Go shit
tu mangeras le tas You can eat the pile


English Phonemic Translation Definition
Blodes Arschloch stupid asshole
Dummes Huhn stupid chicken
Scheisse shit
Fotze cunt
Blode Fotze stupid cunt
Mutterficker motherfucker
Hurensohn son of a bitch
hure whore
Depp idiot
Drecksau dirty pig
Arschgesicht Assface
Fick dich! Fuck You
Fick mich Fuck me
Schlampe Tramp or Slut
das geht dich einen feuchten Scheissdreck an None of your fucking business
Auf Wiedersehen Fickakopf Goodbye fuckhead
Leck mich am Arsch Lick my ass
mach es dir selber Go fuck yourself
scheissekopf shithead
Lichten mein asch. kiss my ass


English Phonemic Translation Definition
vlaca stupid, moron
Malacca masturbator
malaka wanker gamisou fuck off
Ay gamisou go fuck off
to mounee tis manas sou fuck your mother's pussy
mounee pussy
poutsos dick
skila bitch


English Phonemic Translation Definition
Zonah whore
Zayin cock
Harah shit
Mishugena freak
Hutzpa balls (got a lot of nerve)
ben zonah son of a bitch
lech zayen et ima schelcha go fuck your mom
zayin penis
tahat ass
lech zayen para go fuck a cow
lakeki li a hadagdegan, zonah lick my clit you whore
benzona son of a bitch
lech tiezdayen fuck you
ben sharmuta like son of a bitch
manyak just a cures


English Phonemic Translation Definition
bangsat bastard
gila crazy
isep kontol blow job
isep kontol gua suck my dick
kontol penis
memek vagina
monyet monkey
ngentot fuck
ngentot lu fuck you
ngewe fucking
pantat ass
pantat besar big ass
peler penis
pentil nipple
toket woman's breast
toket besar big breast
jembut pubic hair
biji testicles


English Phonemic Translation Definition
puttana whore
fungula fuck
merda shit
Vaffanculo fuck off
No Skuche ala Gats! What the fuck do you want from my balls?
Posse mangiare tu fiaga Could I eat your pussy?
Tu mardre come butse pecie Your mom smells like fish!
un chessa You have the body of a toilet bowl
chesso faggot
fa mi un bachino Suck my dick


English Phonemic Translation Definition
baka yaroo stupid bastard
Chikushoo oh Fuck!
Kuso shit
Ima imashe kuso Eat Fucking Shit
Urusai kono bakayaro Shut up you crazy motherfucker!
Ching ching penis
ketsunoana Asshole
Pai pai Breasts, nipples
onara Fart
kin tama Golden Balls
kisama Lord of the donkeys (literal translation "fuck you")
Anata wa dame des You are a nasty person
manko Pussy
Fuzakeruna Shut up (bad meaning)
Baita Prostitute / Easy to Betray
Mukatsuku You drive me crazy! (bad meaning)
Yaru Have sex


English Phonemic Translation Definition
Chingas tu madre Fuck your mom
Mierde Shit
Chupa me, puto Suck me, asshole!
chupe me verga / chupa me la peha Suck my dick
puta whore
puto dickhead, asshole
chingar To fuck
cagar to shit
chupar to suck
verga dick
panocha pussy
culo ass
chinchis breasts
Cago en tu leche I shit in your milk
hacete cojer Go and get fucked
hijo de mil putas son of thousand bitches
metete un palo en el culo shove a stick up your ass


English Phonemic Translation Definition
Ssibal-seki Son of Shit
eemee sheemee pek poejee dah Your mother has a bald pussy
Geseki Son of a bitch
Yumago Fuck you
Shibseki (All sorts of bad stuff combined.)
Ko-chu-pado suck my dick
Kochu dick
Dong-mogo Eat shit
K-sa-key bitch
She-pa-nom (No exact translation - but possibly the worst word to say!)


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